Dealing with The Past and Future of Work

This post was also submitted to Palm Addict and i also wanted to get eyes and feedback for such a user thought here.

I can’t speak for most, but using my mobile device(s) is always a challenge of dealing with the possibilities of the future with the limitations of the recent past. For example, I do a lot of research for MMM and many times while I can find the information, it is usually formatted in a way that only makes sense for laptop to large screen interaction. I usually end up using a combination of Google Reader and Twitter to note interesting items. And then recap some items on my iPad. It works, but there’s just this struggle of wanting everything to be sharable, digital, and immersive, and it’s just not there yet.

We are getting there. Some of the services and apps that I’m using are starting to bridge that work gap, but it still takes a bit of patience. I really like Flipboard on the iPad, and then Gravity on my Nokia N97. Between the both of them there are some neat sharing and collaborative moments. We aren’t there yet, and hence my exploration of the future of work. And this future is a distinct reminder that the past isn’t so far away, and there are lessons still to be grasped.