Poem: The Recipie (Chilli, Chilli)

Unpacked my bag, 10 groceries standing
There are peppers red, orange, yellow, and green handed
On the platter by white onions, my eyes aren’t flattered
But to choose beans times two has me none the sadder
Dice fresh tomatoes beside the company standards
We do Odobo and ground turkey before adding chilli patterns
In one pan goes peppers and onions outstanding
One half the heat then for the beans and tomatoes granted
I wish this were faster but handfulls of spices keep tongues panted
Jerk, black pepper, cinnamon, and sage keep tastes planted
Mix peppers and onions in the beans candid
Reuse the pan for the meat, cook fast as seasons landed
Combine the mix in a pot, leave the heat to the bandits
Serve with bowls, no spoons, shred the cheese, and toast bread of French’s baguette.

Unpacked my bag with 10 groceries standing
There you awaited my heart to take landing
A plethora of colors to spice life and keep your eyes flattered
To serve a life worth living and happiness in lieu of saddness
Dice my gifts, this life creates for us new standards
As I unpack your seasoning, I’m convinced of God’s pattern
You see in one pan was spice and heat disbanded
And in the other you stood, freshly farmed and outstanding
But in another pan were we destined to be granted
A life together, after heat, but before bowls were planted
There we were mixed in such a life that’s now candid
That people would reuse our good moments and not over-eat the ones landed
And yet in all of this we would combine to steer away from the bandits
For life with you is served a bowl like chilli, a taste of the Spirit and seasons now matted.

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