The Blind Spot

Just read a thought-provoking post over at the Public Bikes Blog. It definitely has me considering to ride more often not just because it’s a smart thing to do, but because it’s sometimes better to remove those things we are so accustomed to we don’t usually see. Here’s a snippet:

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Brighthand: Samsung Epic 4G Full Review

08302010169 - Share on Ovi
My full review of the Samsung Epic 4G has gone live over at Brighthand. A pretty solid device for the most part, with only a few glaring issues that might be show stoppers for some (and not as often seen for others). As usual, there’s my additional dump of Epic 4G pics at Ovi Share. Enjoy.

Where Charlotte Can Become a Better Biking Region

It is really easy to sit here and say that Charlotte is a good/bad place to bike. I’ve had conversations with several people who bike, and several who don’t and would like to about some of the challenges related to biking. And all are pretty legitimate. After the time I’ve spent biking here, I think that I’ve figured out some ways in which Charlotte can improve things.
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Unfounded, Twitter-Fueled Nokia Speculation

It is well observed that I’m a fan of Nokia products. Not so much the devices, but the experiments and research items that come from them are the kinds of things which fuels all kinds of thinking and imaginations. More fuel was added to the fire today via a brief mention on Twitter, and for once, I’m anxious to see what will happen.
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Elephants: A Redesign of My Poetry Journals

I’ve been talking about needing a new experiment for some time, and my whiteboard is now chock full of things to get to cracking on. Of note, one of the things that was missing is the poetry compliation that I’ve neglected to get started for this year (May 2010 – June 2011). Well, that’s now rectified, and an experiment done to boot.
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Are Full-Time Professionals Really Needed for Specality Gigs

One of the overriding things that I’ve seen since leaving college (2002) has been this idea that we need to be in, or be recruited for, full-time gigs. And while I can totally vouch for the stability of such a position when there are needs outside of yourself which are longer term, I wonder if the focus on full-time persons, versus companies looking at the reality of projects, endears them to miss on several well qualified people for specality projects?
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