Owning Your Social Graph

I just finished applying for a few teaching positions, and one of the things that I didn’t like about the process was the fact that I had to re-enter information which was on my resume and meta-tagged. If I own the resume, and my metadata, shouldn’t that part of the process be as simple as their machine reading my graph as I present it, and then being able to use the content I allow?

Some many months back, I talked about the idea of a mobile web server and owning the data that social networks would like to use. In a sense, giving them the authorization to read data you storer and manage, and then your use of standards or API hooks, allows them to broker connections. As I filled out the teaching application, this was going thru my mind as something such applications, or even financial services could do.

And I am aware that they do this already. However, you have to have several profiles, and manage several silos of data. Why should their be one silo, that you manage, and then you knowingly open up your can to these services to use?

Of course, the statement next is that people don’t want to manage their data, or don’t have the skills to. But, I see this as an opportunity. We can teach people how to manage their own light databases, and even on a single family level. A family managing their personal data, and like a home, connecting to family or limiting what neighbors and governments can do with the data.

I have my social graph as a business card and saved on a web server with my mobile. Imagine if applying for that position would have been as simple as plugging that URL into their system, with simply a second URL that had my resume data encoded. That would change a lot of expectations, and might even create a few more opportunities for people to see how their data is used after it leaves their eyes,

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