Intentions, Opportunities, Dejections

When I initially read thr book Boundaries a few years ago, I managed to finally get a hold of that tricky thing called “managing expectations.” Indeen, I was always well intended when looking at various opportunities, but more often than not dejected when running towards them. Am feeling that way after another disappointing week with MMM is coming to a close. Am now wondering if the opportunity that I noticed so long ago was mine to be this intentional towards or not. Its very hard to continue to be intentionally walking towards opportunities and contine to be dejected, especially when the option is to be relegated to a life of constant devaluing. To me, it is just not a great feeling to be in.

Books and Apparent Freedoms

I think that I spend an ample amount of time in social spaces (bookstores, coffeeshops, etc.). And what I seem to notice this time around is that the availability of books, or at least intellectual material of varying kinds, seems to endear this feeling of freedom from something rather than a freedom to do anything.
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