5Cs – Discipliship

Tonight, I’ll be speaking to the group Just-His League about the subject of discipliship. I’ve chatted some about it here before, but this makes one of the larger groups that I’ll get to chat to this about.

The 5Cs are nothing really complex, just a means of better understanding some of the aspects of discipliship that tends to get lost in the midst of this Christian faith.

And while I can admit, I’m pretty much as non-church as people come, there’s an understanding of relationship as it relates to mission or purpose that is found in the history of Jewish and Christian contexts.

The 5Cs simplify some aspects of understanding this, while taking on an approach that says its not an institution that changes and shapes faith, but the collective and cohesive understanding of character and history, so that people can live a bit more wholly the faith to which they ascribe.

I’m hoping for a solid discussion after sharing the points behind the 5Cs. You can take a look at the slide deck and offer any commentary yourself towards these and other means of living the Christian faith, which might sometimes get missed in the passionate holding onto of certain traditions and behaviors.