What Happened to Curosity

In one of the conversations that I had today, a woman asked me “how do I know what to look for in a mobile device?” I (matter of factly speaking), answered that you identify your needs and ask questions about the device, service level, and what it is you are trying to accomplish. And while she understood, she still wasn’t sure how to translate those questions into something that made enough sense to determine what her next mobile would be. This pointed to something a bit more important than a mobile; some people have forgotten how to be curious.

Curosity isn’t for everyone. Curosity is one part exciting as you get to see the look on your face when you learn something new, or the look on someone else’s when they are stumped. Its another part this constant realizing and
reinventing of yourself into something you are not quite sure of, but are certian that it is better than the model that you are transforming from.

Curosity is the juice behind revolution and innovation. Its the reason for the limits of law, and the freedom of both boundary and depth. Its the obedience to see what happens, and the stubborness to endear that things don’t change. Curosity is learning’s energies before they become lessons, but well into the development of wisdom and understanding.

And we seem to have lost that in some contexts.

When we live in these new cities, cities shaped like subrubs and managed like cities of old, there’s this adversion overwhelming and designed urge to driving… none of that waving to someone out the window, and being inquisitive about those spaces that haven’t been developed yet. Those who are curious enough to explore these and other pathways are quickly marginalized as weird, cooky, or dangerous to the status quo. But I’d argue that thse are the people pressing back against the nature we are trying to forge about not being curious. They are trying to displace themselves, and sometimes their environment, in an attempt to discover – without mandaate from anything other than God and passion – that something might happen if I step out of line and ask a question.

And whether that question is answered or not, those curious folks receive something better than an answer. They get this adventure, this travel down roads and perceptions that might have been glazed over, but certainly have no street name all their own. They pile tomes of books, data models, and approaches into collections, taking occasional forrays backwards to the last recognizable place they commmunicated with others, hoping that on the next trip out to “curious” that they would find company, and a reason to go discover something else.

When the woman asked me about my life, and going about learning the things that I do about mobile, I told her that I was curious towards what makes people want to learn, and I enjoyed listening to the stories of others. It makes me pecular because I’m not just curious,, but I see a bigger story, a longer thread, and an opportunity to help others embark on their own curious journeys.

She reclined into her seat, and watched as one of her daughters continued drawing on my iPad. The little one found out today that she’s a better artist than she ever perceived, and it took her being curious about that device that the guy with the strange shoes carries. Imagine if this spark never dies for her. Imagination the world that changes around this curious child, and her ability to craft a visual story.

Imagination if she lost the ability to ask “why,” and just took life as it was given. What would we lose in the story of this race.