What Happened to Curosity

In one of the conversations that I had today, a woman asked me “how do I know what to look for in a mobile device?” I (matter of factly speaking), answered that you identify your needs and ask questions about the device, service level, and what it is you are trying to accomplish. And while she understood, she still wasn’t sure how to translate those questions into something that made enough sense to determine what her next mobile would be. This pointed to something a bit more important than a mobile; some people have forgotten how to be curious.
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Poem: last.fm Profile v3

Picture this
A soulful poet finds rest not in an office
But amidst the crickets and birds that line his fingertips
And wishing ever so much to share all that he pens
He cannot escape the fact that here
Beyond the frame
Underneath the canvas
Is a song and a partner yet to be discovered
This is why I’m here
Would you play a part in my picture’s melody?

Come and share life by melody via last.fm