Life Beyond Myself

I am learning that life is one part of what we do, and another part what we see. Sometimes, we see things that are far away from happening as about to happen. Other times, we see what can happen only in the context of what we are doing. Today, literally within a few minutes of each ore, I got both perspectives. And am stymied and humbled in the face of both.

Situation number one was a trip scheduled for August. Expenses don’t match the opportunity. And not so much the trip itself, but life after the trip. I don’t have enough booked work to make commitments for life expenses after that trip.

Situation number two involves a storyboard being developed at TAT. Thing is, I do a lot of what is in that first scene (my device doesn’t unfold, but it does open to allow short messages and content sharing).

And I can see what the rest of the scenes entail. I’ve taken many posts here talking about this kind of behavior and living. I do it, and so I see this as a lot closer to the reality of life that I can see.

Unfortunately, I am finding that the former situation is something that I am being called in account towards a lot more often. MMM is one of the best things that God has placed in my hands. It’s one of the reasons why living mobile has been the kind of experience for me that it has been.

The challenge is now going beyond myself. Embracing the challenges for what they are, and admitting that I am truly week in light of what I do, and what I don’t see.