Does It Have to Be a Device of Compromises?

My bro and I were chatting over IM not too long ago about IM (instant messaging) and how horrible that it is because if you really want to chat to anyone anywhere, then you have to use bridge applications and services. It was an all to notable reminder than a lot of things that I wish for on the mobile side really amounts to a collection of compromises.
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Going Backwards

Was talking with my mom last night and explaining how I thought it was backward that at a mobile conference that I should have to give people a physical business card. Of all the places to expand the use of digital technologies to share and connect, we’d dismiss that for paper that will be discarded as soon as the information is implemented into a database, CRM, or Google. Suffice to say, I’m presented yet another case of going backwards, resume submissions. Continue reading “Going Backwards”

Carnival of the Mobilists at Little Springs Design

Design houses are great because its usually the off-center or small details of life that they tend to bring to life. One design house blog that I follow for this reasoning is Little Springs Design and this week they are hosting the Carnival of the Mobilists and a new site design. Definitely take a read towards what’s current in mobile, but also peek around their site – there’s always something good to learn in the water.

Owning Your Social Graph

I just finished applying for a few teaching positions, and one of the things that I didn’t like about the process was the fact that I had to re-enter information which was on my resume and meta-tagged. If I own the resume, and my metadata, shouldn’t that part of the process be as simple as their machine reading my graph as I present it, and then being able to use the content I allow?
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Intentions, Opportunities, Dejections

When I initially read thr book Boundaries a few years ago, I managed to finally get a hold of that tricky thing called “managing expectations.” Indeen, I was always well intended when looking at various opportunities, but more often than not dejected when running towards them. Am feeling that way after another disappointing week with MMM is coming to a close. Am now wondering if the opportunity that I noticed so long ago was mine to be this intentional towards or not. Its very hard to continue to be intentionally walking towards opportunities and contine to be dejected, especially when the option is to be relegated to a life of constant devaluing. To me, it is just not a great feeling to be in.

Passing the Truth About Mobile Features

In what seems to be a common theme lately, there are a number of blogs/analysts spouting off about some technology or feature, and then someone a touch more knowledgeable comes along and adds to the discussion – usually by correcting them. I noticed this some time ago with Tomi Ahonen/FCC/AT&T, and again this morning with Wireless Watch Japan/Financial Times. Seems like its my turn to talk about things alien and not so alien to mobile use.
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