Back when I initially got into the mobile computing area called PDAs, there wasn’t much of a thing called “memory management.” Sure, there were applications that were big and small, but for the most part, you didn’t have to think about it. You installed, it ran, you deleted the app if you didn’t need or like it, you moved on.

These days, yeesh. There isn’t just this idea of memory management, there’s also the pain of knowing that apps do what and when so that you can live without paying much atention to it.

For the most part, me and the N97 have been ok on this front. Yes, I’ve had a few instances where the browser or some heavier application crashed because there was not enough system memory to run it; or the pain of doing a refresh of the entire system because problem applications such as Nokia Messaging tend to get worse the more they are the case of taking up space.

Normally speaking, I’m ok though. There are some apps which run better than others and I’ve taken to closing the ones that don’t so that I can at least keep my business card up and going.

That was until today. I’m getting ready to travel to the Uplinq Conference and frankly speaking, I can’t afford to have a slow or delayed device. There are just too many other things that I have to pay attention to, and managing the memory on my mobile isn’t one of them.

So, I’ve considered doing a wipe and then fresh install of the main apps that I needed. I’ve categorized the apps and functions that I need into three categories: necessities, would-be-nice, and accessories.

Of the latter two groups, Nokia Messaging comes in as the only app that I’d feel some tinge about not having. But, man, that app has a memory chokehold on my device that is unbelivable. In the accessories camp, the only device that I am concerned about is my Nokia BH-214 headphones. These are bluetooth headphones and I plan to use them while traveling.

It is the other category that is causing some trouble. Partly because I don’t want to build things back up (it taxes my memory), and also because its just crazy. Here’s the list:

  • Joikuspot Premium
  • Mobbler
  • FineWS
  • Zeemote BT joystick driver
  • Nokia Bluetooth keyboard drivers
  • QuickOffice Viewer
  • Nokia Bots (Beta)
  • Nokia Notifications (Beta)
  • Custom Dictionary
  • Skype
  • MoPress (yep, writing this post with it)
  • Nokia Photo Browser (Beta)
  • Sports Tracker
  • Inigma

Pretty much, everything except Sports Tracker and Zeemote I’d use on this trip. And that’s just crazy! it could take hours to getting those apps back up and running in a suitable manner.

I will admit that Nokia Bots will be hard to take advantage of. This application works best when it knows the user. And so doing a wipe and reinstall doesn’t help it work for me there.

Everything else is fair game to be put back on. And that’s a trip. Now, I can say, this would be easier (maybe) if I were wiping the device and then hooking it up to a PC to have it reinstall everything. Hence my other issue, I need some things working faster than others.

Given all that comes built-into Symbian devices, I shouldn’t really complain too much though. Because of the File Manager application, I was able to backup my contacts, calendar entries, and notes to two memory cards. I also have a duplicate calendar and contacts configuration on my Nokia X6 (which isn’t making the trip). So yea, I can do a few things – I just can’t come back into an effcient system so easily.

All of that because the way mobile devices are now are just so much more complicated than the way they used to be. I ought not complain, these devices are a small (but signifiant) part of the reason I’m off to Uplinq. I just wish that they stayed in an efficient and optimized state a bit longer. And that certain applications better reflected the state of the devices they are said to be designed for.


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  1. Of course, the day that I get back from the trip, there’s an update to my device which addresses performance and a few other areas. Doh, if only I could have held on, or something like that.

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