Funny, I tagged this mobile, but it’s a different kind of (and some would argue traditional) meaning to the word.

Biking excites me. It’s really a shame that I don’t do it more often (3-4 days a week, about 50mi/wk on average). But, there is something about getting on those two wheels that’s just good an exciting. The hard thing about riding has more to do with motivation and the unfriendliness of the roads, but if the latter were addresses, I’m sure that we’d see a lot more people riding (here, in Charlotte), and less instances of people complaining about health and wellness.

But, people do complain. They complain that bikes are unsafe, or that the commute would be too far. Or, simply, that bikes aren’t exciting.

Well, I can’t change a few things, but I can address the exciting aspect a bit. Check out this Land Rover Concept Bicycle. It’s not just the fact that it was a car company that made it, but what they were addressing with it – style, affluence, and an ability to commute efficiently. When I go riding, these are some of the things that pass through my mind, that style is just as important as the efficiency that people should have in mind.

I think that I might want to look at talking more about concept bicycles and how thinking around efficient and stylistic transportation is something worth being attracted to in this “new metro” called Charlotte.

Yes, there are all kinds of issues we need to address before and after picking up those two wheels. But, there should also be something that people can reach for – a vision of commuting and living that strokes the imagination, not just fuels the body.

Concept bikes could be a way there. And a topic worth talking about just a bit more. Stay tuned.