The Definition of Insanity

I have heard it said many times that the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again, and expecting the same results. So, why do we in the US continue to subject ourselves to the current wireless (educational, governmental, and a few hundred other areas) environment, wishing that one day it will turn into something that works completely for the advantage of consumers?

I think I’ve had enough. And I have a good friend Tomi Ahonen to thank for this.

First, things started witness a very healthy rant on the the current state of the USAmerican wireless environment, specifically how carriers are wielding control and profiting over a market that is nothing near innovative.

Then there was the response by CTIA’s Steve Largent. I was very impressed that CTIA stepped up to respond, this speaks well to how they need to engage the marketplace and online conversation. However, the response didn’t directly address most of what Tomi’s post called into question. It did present the groundwork for a suitable response from Tomi.

And that he did.

If you have made it through reading the initial rant, there is no way that you can say that you can continue on the course of living with mobile devices given the quality of service compared to the global state of things.

Now, you might argue that you are happy with where you are with mobile (or anything else for that matter). But, are you? You pay a wireless bill each month for features that you may not use, witness no means to do concise and appropriate comparison of those features because everything shown to you is in it’s own silo.

You argue that the iPhone or BlackBerry is the best device, but were you really able to do your homework towards what the best devices were and the best services, or roped into choosing one of the other and the compromise. Do you even know what the rest of mobile looks like here in the USA, you know, the side where you need no carrier, just bring your own mobile and choose the features which work best and are priced competitively?

Or, maybe you read the whole thing and now feel locked in because you want to move to something better, but have no clue what better looks like. You don’t know if you can even get half the crappy quality of service and customer support because you have been trained to think that its ok to base your mobile on the quality of the people you talk to when there is a problem – not on the fact that you shouldn’t have to call them at all?

I’m sorry, these arguments just don’t matter any more. Look at the way a person not even in our country has taken a look at what is offered, and the response of the representative of the carrier you cling so tightly too. Is it ignorant to suggest that this market deserves to at least step up to the bare minimum that has been set by countries we apparently lead?

I’ve been considering dropping my carrier for a long time, to one or two that fit my needs better. I already do mobiles that are better than most sold on the carrier deck, and Skype actually has been great for those expensive daytime minutes. A carrier move isn’t far away at all. The only question I have is if I can address the international issue. But, given what I can see now via the rant and discussions, something that I knew already, it’s insane to continue down this path.

And insane all the more to keep nullifying my vote by using my wallet unwisely. USAmericans, step up and stop using mobile in a state of insanity.

Update: yet another reason why we don’t lead in mobile. It’s a shame that examples keep coming.