Misunderstood Tracks of Generational Technology

Am sitting at one of my favorite coffee shops, reading on the iPad while listening to music via Mobbler on my N97 and I can ever so slightly overhear an older group of people talking behind me. Of note, I keep hearing them remark about computing, my behavior in respect to using an iPad on a glass table (one of those neat UI moments), and the overall change of media to passing through a computer.

What I heard that is most disturbing, is that question of “what would he do if he didn’t have that computer?” In a nice fit of internal rebellion, I offer this question as an answer, “what would you do if your newspaper were shut down, the local radio and tv stations were turned off, and your local library went to a pay model?”

I get it. There are actions and such a speed to any technology that it displaces those who weren’t ready for the change, and causes all kinds of good and bad discussion towards the implications around it. There is nothing different going on now than has happened in other generations, with the exception of how fast and how global change has happened.

What I kind of wish is that in respect to those who are challenged and changed by technology, that we probably be a bit wiser about how we ask that those things new come in and change the world around us.

Is the iPad something of a marvel? Something like that. It’s the type of computing that was dreamt about years ago when Windows tablets were available, but weren’t attainable. It was dreamt about by my mom as she took her hour in the evening to watch Star Trek the Next Generation, unknown working for one of the many companies which were priming those dreams for a near-coming reality.

It was not understood for so long that dreams were meant to be realized. But, every generation lives with the state goals of making the dreams of their children a reality for them to live. Here in this coffee shop, on this glass table connected to several streams of information and intersecting with them all as I please, I am living out the dreams of former generations, and building the foundations for the lived out dreams of those to come.

Its to my benefit not to track towards them a tone of mistrust because of what I don’t understand. I would be better off offering wisdom and engaging the core desires, and setting a ground for mutual enablement.