This is (iPad) Cool; Blogging Even As Immersive Reading

Came across a link today in my reading, and happened to be on my iPad while doing so. After clicking from Twitter to the article, I was greeted with a very novel solution for displaying text on the iPad’s screen.

Having said this, what Russell Beattie was able to do isn’t really all that malleable to other devices (need to test on the N97, but it just might work nicely there too).

To me, it was the fact that he, as a writer and a person concerned about how he reads on a mobile device looked at the basic behavior of scrolling and worked out a solution that mitigates some of the strain that’s seen on many touchscreen devices.

I’ve talked a few times before about the Mag+ prototype and how it fits into a tablet reading paradigm, and think that some of the simple pieces behind it – the scrolling, the menu system, the begging of content to truly be immersive – are things that if we aren’t careful, we will lost them in the effort to go digital.

Now that I see it as possible, I think that I feel more comfortable as actually using it. Of course, this isn’t something (in terms of layout and functionality) that would work everywhere. There’d need to be a few additional rules on my part to make sure that devices which should point to this experience, do point to it. And then the rest get an associated compelling reading experience.

I have to say though, this is (iPad) cool. For some things, the iPad is definitely a better device to be reading and interacting from. With such coding, even the daily pondering of blogging gets a mention as something to be differently immersed in.