Fatherhood from My Perspective

Father’s Day should be one of the most important holidays we have. And yet, many times, I get the feeling that its more of a holiday to quell the energies formed around Mother’s Day and graduations, than to actually honor the men who have done an excellent job in raising their kids, and even the kids of others.

Today, I went to pay some homage to a man who has been like a father to me for the past decade. And while no man can (or should) replace my father, this man deserved to be told and thanked directly for the wisdom and insight to living as a man that he’s provided.

That was one of only two fathers that I would greet on today to wish them well and bless them for their work. Not because other didn’t deserve it, but from where I sit, there’s more that can and should be done.

The other side of things is that the grand-daughter of the man whom I blessed on today showed me where I have been like a father. A moment of laughter, a moment of quite but direct correction, moments of instruction, and an indication that some places to play are safe (such as my iPad).

It was in the smile of a child and her grandfather where I saw today as needing more than just a holiday, but a constant curing, refining, maturing of perspective, before we could fully appreciate what it means to be a father.

Truly, a man that’s been a good father will not know it for years, maybe even decades. And while he can and will be lauded for the types of influences he’s had, it will be when he’s gone and the fruit of those lessons can bloom in full that the effect of that father’s leading was totally realized.

There are many men who should be lauded today for being a great father. But, the most effective of these men will have an effect on the lives of others even when they are gone that will rival the best sitcoms and books. Its from that end that I take my time to only honor a few fathers today, and acknowledge again that I know better now, than I did when he was living, how hard and how rewarding that it is to be a father.

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