Back and Mobile

I think I talked it up too much. Yea, I totally did.

I spent the past few hours researching, designing, and eventually relenting to the fact that I’d prefer to have and use a mobile web server, than to have storage with companies that I might know, but don’t know of what they can do with my content.

To that end, I’ve downloaded and jumped on board with Golden Pack’s Fine Mobile Web Server product. This is very similar to how Nokia’s Mobile Web Server was setup in that the user has to utilize another service for the gateway, but can go about either utilizing a content management system of their choosing, or create one from scratch.

I’m going to see about attempting the latter. There’s a point about data I want to make, and that seems the best way there.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to utilize WordPress for blogging, LinkedIn for connecting, and a few other services as I feel the need. If my landing page adds new buttons, then I’ve probably found a good reason to ascribe to the service.

Side note: many thanks to Nick Gallager and Brian Suda whose work provided all kinds of spark to this. Mental note to add a thanks button for the others who will add to my influences on just that page.

Then again, they might have found a great reason to support living from a mobile.

Next steps include, figure out how to help Golden Pack turn the idea of mobile web server into something that can be monetized beyond the data that they can collect that I don’t see (wink). And then getting back into using my mobile as a hybrid personal information management system (being able to edit and share calendar and contact information with others from any computer, and allow them to connect to me without an intervening service). There might be another attempt to get away from documents, but that part might prove to be a good bit harder.

This should be fun – and lead to some interesting and needed possibilities (re: Diaspora). And who knows, you might find me not complaining as much, and doing more enabling.

Don’t be shy either, you can do this with any mobile, you just need to take a chance and live freer.

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  1. Thanks Jorma. Definitely should be fun. But, I’ll need to work out a dev environment. Desktops and laptops are so last decade, hehehe

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