Tilting Screens and Gesture Capturing UIs

When I am out and about with my iPad, or at home with the mobile connected to my TV, I always find it a bit of an issue to use my mobile. Yea, I have a Bluetooth keyboard and joystick, but I find that actually interfacing with the device is too filled with friction.

What I’d rather see is the ability for devices which have a tilt screen, like my N97, to use the front camera as a gesture-capturing input device. So, I would do simple gestures to do things like switch windows, view alerts, and even initialize speech-to-text input (using either the device mic, or a connected Bluetooth headset).

Now granted, I’m thinking of this because I don’t want to touch my device to switch tracks on Mobbler, or navigate between emails that just came in and I’m sitting at a table with the device in the landscape/tilted towards me view. It would make it easer to interact, and possibly even be more natural than hitting a button

Yea. My next device needs to do this for me to consider it new and innovative 😉