Carnival of the Mobilists #226

World Cup 2010 Logo, via WikipediaWelcome to the 226th edition of the Carnival of the Mobilists. While it usually the job of the host to pull a photo of a carnival, doing the World Cup logo seemed a lot more appropriate.

This week is a bit of a catch up in terms of some posts that were too late to be included last week, but offers some great context towards much of the thinking that is happening in and around the mobile industry this week.

Events and Interviews

  • Always on Real-Time Access – recap of the 4th mobile breakfast series event and some of the impacts realized.
  • The Fonecast – interview (podcast) with Ben Whitaker of Masabi who talks about mobile ticketing and innovations happening there.
  • Indigo102 – a recap and small analysis of the M-publishing event which focused on the future of publishing in the mobile environment.
  • Communities Dominate Brands – gives a recap and analysis of the recent Mobile Marketing Association Event which occurred this past week.
  • MSearchGroove – interviews Tomi Ahonen (of the previous link) with his perspectives on mobile location services and other mobile marketing matters.

Design and User Experience

  • Volker on Mobile – designing for how people use mobile devices and services, not for how they administer their mobile lives because of those devices and services.
  • Little Springs Design – the interactivity of paper and understanding the printing fundamentals behind the resolution conversations around mobiles and the iPad.
  • Little Springs Design – interaction fragmentation and how it’s caused by not paying attention to the details of interaction design and experience can cause devices and services which are not well designed.
  • AntoineRJWright – does innovation in mobile UI design continue to follow the point and do methodology, or does the concept of recommendations and UI learning become a part of what is defined as innovation for mobile devices.

Analysis and Trends Mapping

  • Always on Real-Time Access – new research paper published talking about how the exponential growth in mobile data will become a key opportunity and key data point for countries, operators, manufactures, and service providers.
  • Open Gardens Blog – the move to tiered pricing models brings the inevitable awareness of the need for operators to be transparent in billing and networking operations but might add better profits and services on their networks.
  • TamsS60 – AT&T is now offering insurance on iPhone devices and Tam offers some commentary on this new offering.
  • Communities Dominate Brands – an analysis of the new iPhone 4 and its impacts and possible non-growth of device sales except to those who are already sold on the device and platform.
  • JK on the Run – asks if HP’s previous comments towards webOS and smartphones vibes with those who currently develop for Palm/HP webOS, or if HP’s previous computing decisions plays against HP more than for it.

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