Am sitting at the coffee shop reading an ebook, Open Mobile, and it hit me again that I think that ebooks are done all wrong.

I’m currently reading a PDF file, which is fine and all, but this could have been done as a wiki and besides using CSS to make it look like a book or PDF, it would have made it a lot easier to reference links and manage my own comments to this.

Of course, for this to happen, I would have needed to download the wiki, and connect it to my device’s central repository of books and other documents. Which is good until I want to read the book on another device. Maybe then I would need a central sever to host my own downloaded wiki books, and then access them as I need from any device.

Makes me want that mobile web sever. This would be great, especially if there was something in the way of a security certificate that could be managed between my server, my devices, and he publishers so that I could continue to read freely.

What would reading look like if it were open? Maybe this is a good step forward.

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