Here I am doing my early morning reading and what do I see? Over at the Nokia Conversations Blog there’s this new post about the recently announced N8 and how it works as a multimedia and web connected device to your TV.

I’m shocked. This isn’t new to Nokia’s devices. Its old. And I do exactly this now with their current flagship, my Nokia N97.

Of all the videos that they’ve showed about the N8, I would not have expected them to harp on such a feature use that is already so engrained into their mobile devices.

And worse yet, I can do all the same things. Ok, so I don’t have HDMI – just composite video-out. But, I do have the search ability with the music player, the ability to use a bluetooth keyboard or joystick (I use Apple’s BT keyboard and Zeemote’s joystick), and do so pretty frequently. My N97 is my mobile center, my multimedia center. I would have liked to see more.

Now, the N8 is supposed to support WebTV; where was that? How come that TV-out functionality was not designed and improved to enhance the usability of the device, such as using larger fonts or specalized widgets on the homescreen? And why was the person in the demo not really using the functions? Its one thing to talk about it, but really, turn your back to us and use it.

I think I might take a shot and do this video myself with my N97. Maybe I can translate the fact that this isn’t new to mobile, but how we should already be living and working with out devices.

Yea, that would be marketing innovation to trumpet.

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