Collaboration at the Coffeeshop

I am under one of those moods again where I am not just thinking about mobile, but how we are interacting with one another. And I think that last night’s bible study really put some of the icing on the cake.

See this image:

This is the kind of desk that I can see being a lot of fun and very productive to use. Part of it is because the design almost dictates that there’s one aspect of connectivity that is a given, but another aspect that pushes the perspective that sharing in some instances is great.

Looking at it thru last night’s lens, it would be the bible study group sitting around a table, with the text in front of them, and then an ability to push notes to the table that would benefit the community. Of course, the table would need to have some kind of login to the group’s site which would make it sharable instantly.

Cleaning the table from spills might be an issue though. Where’s that Shammy?

Check out the origin of this picture and the rest of the ideas happening at TAT’s Open Innovation Site.