Everything Old Is New

It’s not too long since the Apple keynote and iPhone 4 introduction has wrapped up, and I can say, along with a ton of others, that it’s now disappointing to be around some areas of mobile. What passes as new and innovative these days is just horrible, and yet it’s a sign of things to come whenever you attempt to do something disruptive.

Like today, I wanted to connect with a few brothers for lunch. And it would have been great to take the text messages that started the convo and then turn that into a calendar entry and directions to the venue. Yes, that’s very well and possible, but it would take the signing up into several services, the downloading of a few applications, and service interruptions.

Once you get a time and a place, highlight the text, get a contextual menu to add to calendar or find on a map, get a second menu I invite others, then boom. All get the confirmation request, the link to their calendar, and it showing up in their mapping service of choice – and even on a social network if they have that tied into things too. You know, kind of like what Microsoft is doing with KIN and the rest of it’s services.

We don’t have that now. We have the makings of it. But, it will be in a few years time that this will be announced by some company with a good reputation for quality and service, and then it will sound like we could never do this before. This happened today with the new iPhone, and it will happen with life and tech again.

Ironically, I was so disheartened with the news, that I went back reading about mobile web servers and redoing homework about creating a digital classroom, digital living and entertainment room, or just sharing life with people near and far with one. It’s possible now. I know, because I did it before I was here on WordPress. But, man, that living and flexibility is something that everyone should know. Somehow…

Until that happens on a cleaner UI and UX scale, without the administration and high price point, and with an attention to relevancy that isn’t here now, we will just wait until the old way of being innovative, is replaced with something new and shiny.

At least until the cycle starts again, and life does something new for a different group of people.