Techie Inflections

I had intended to write this on the iPad with the wireless keyboard, but have had some issues in getting it to repair lately, and so I am choosing to use the virtual keyboard. Its good, but it needs haptic feedback.

I know that many have not really looked at what Nokia has done in respect to enabling just s little bit of feedback when you interact with the screen, such as when you are typing, but that is one major area that I have issue with in terms of this iPad. Heck, it would be greater in portrait mode than in landscape. Sounds just aren’t enough IMO.

Had a great time of fellowship with a bro on Saturday and it was great to hear about some of the ways that he Is going mobile. And the interesting thing is how we share this idea that mobile is fun, but it’s not in the devices that the fun is. It is what the device, software, hardware, and platform enable.

I speak a lot about Nokia Bots, and for good reason, my device is learning me and adapting to me. Being able to take advantage of several cloud services, or not have to have a PC to live are these thing we talked about as area in mobile where innovation needs to happen more.

If I could get some kind of update to Nokia Bots, and some addressing to the environmental issues around mobile devices in use and after-use, I would be a very happy dude.

In the meantime, I don’t need apps or marketing to tell me what my mobile should encourage. I just need services and sites to work. Which means everything from writing posts, to calling cheaply, to following the World Cup and NBA Finals, to connecting with loved ones.

The pieces really are all here. How about we start seeing and using some life enriching innovations now 😉