Almost a Netbook, and Other Meanderings

I’ve been In a coffeeshop for almost 6hrs at the time of writing this post. My phone is about dead, having had a few Skype calls and IM sessions, and the iPad is at just under 50% in terms of its battery. It really has become a perfect device for sitting in s coffeeshop, and replaces some of what I see net books used for.

Of those nice notes of the day, Nokia has announced this new phone charger that works on bikes. Funny how I can use this right now, and at the same time I am not the target market for it.

Given what I have technically, I am probably not the best representative of the concept of the digital divide, and yet, any successes or failures that I have in digital are amplified because of this comment. As I said on Twitter earlier, if we change perceptions and behaviors before we add tech to the answer, then maybe what we see as a digital divide will not be so dividing.

The newly changed AT&T policies on data use have gotten a lot of press. There’s not much to say on my end. I need to just get better managing my mobile use overall. This only makes me want to find a solution faster, and maybe push innovation and use further.

I live in two screens and care little about platforms that don’t help getting life done. That’s about all. Everything else is just shiny chrome that would be better served on that ole time religion.