A Picture of Mobility

Until I’m able to do more with the iPad and pictures, words will have to do.

I’m tying this on my iPad while listening to last.fm on my Nokia N97 with Bluetooth headphones. Person across from me has a laptop and Verizon air card and just pulled out a Motorola Razr. Another near me has a huge lappy, probably 17in screen. And yet another person has a few bags, several books, and a laptop.

Mobile doesn’t mean we all do or get there the same way, but that we pick and choose pieces as we have need, and then extend our world into social spaces that may lead to interactions we might not have had before.

3 thoughts on “A Picture of Mobility

  1. Regarding posting with pictures, there is a WordPress app that will allow adding a picture from your photo gallery. So, if you took a picture with the Nokia N97 (if it does that), you could send the picture to your iPad and post it that way.

  2. Pics are on my mobile(s), so I’d need to either leverage a hook into a photo sharing service, see about getting my mobile web server back up, so that hosting is less about managing the asset, but relinking internally so that it could be shared externally.

  3. I’ve gone to simply emailing a picture I take on my iPhone over to the iPad the couple of times that I’ve posted straight from the iPad and needed a picture.

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