Living in Multiple Screens

One of the modes of work that I’ve been doing a lot more of, and was a good part of the reason for purchasing an iPad, is this idea of managing several screens,

This is something that we see with many developers, they have several monitors and each one extends or repurposes their workspaces so that they are more efficient. For me, I’m not so much the develop, but I do deal with several streams.

My main screen is of course my N97. It’s is device where I manage most of my communication-centric tasks such as voice, email, text, and IM conversations. I prefer to default to text-based communications, and so it usually finds its place in either telling me what’s happening (text to speech is built into Symbian) or there’s some notification that vibrates or bounces into my screen.

I also use the mobile as my center for multimedia such as music (local and streaming) and the viewing of Flash content.

That leaves my iPad for reading engagements and light productivity such as blogging this post, and most recently doing some ideas sketching with Adobe Ideas.

Between these two screens, I find that not only am I able to manage the streams of stuff, but do so in a way that endorses a mobile lifestyle, communication with others (you’d be surprised at the questions to this workspace)’ and efficiency toward my energy uses.

Personally, it stretches my behaviors and perspectives to places that have only appeared in dreams and movies. And professionally, it adds just a little something new to the toolkit.

In the future, I can see the mobile turning into something like a pair of glasses that do some augmented reality types of interaction, and then the iPad moving into something more browser-based, but using the data storage in that mobile/connected fashion accessory to authenticate and do e big screen collaborative events.

Do you live in screens, and can you see this kind of use happening around you in a few years time? Or, tomorrow (lol)?

A Picture of Mobility

Until I’m able to do more with the iPad and pictures, words will have to do.

I’m tying this on my iPad while listening to on my Nokia N97 with Bluetooth headphones. Person across from me has a laptop and Verizon air card and just pulled out a Motorola Razr. Another near me has a huge lappy, probably 17in screen. And yet another person has a few bags, several books, and a laptop.

Mobile doesn’t mean we all do or get there the same way, but that we pick and choose pieces as we have need, and then extend our world into social spaces that may lead to interactions we might not have had before.