Remembered and Respected

In the US, we celebrate Memorial Day. For some, it will be a cause of celebrate the unoffical start to summer with grilling and pool openings. For others, it will be a solem reminder of those persons who have served in the armed forces, to whom have lives that were forever changed, so that we could have a life that’s free(ish).

My father was one of many who served. I never heard him talk much about that time aside for a few trips here and there. Every once and a while, we’d find a coin from Spain or somewhere very abroad and ask how it got here – then he’d smile with a reflective grin and say that it was something he recevied while in the Navy.

From what I can also remember, he didn’t serve during any wars – at least not wars that I know of. He did serve in a submarine – which sounds cool and frightening all at the same time. When he passed, it was a very respectful gesture that the Navy did in sending to us a flag encased to remind us that he did serve, and was respected and remembered for doing so.

This is where I sit on this day. Yes, to me its a work day. I’m not really much in the mood for not working some today (thuogh I will get some cookout food in later). Ibt, its that reminder that even if you don’t know who or how people served in the armed forces, that their time and sacrifices are to be respected and rememberd.

It is almost ironic though. We celebrate such a freedom in cooking out, biking, going to the pool/beach today, but these things would not be possible without the lives and stories of those for whom this day was designated to serve.

To all armed forces members past, present, and future – thank you for your service.