Depending on how the bots are treating me today, the title of this thread could end up inciting some interesting spam comments.

And yet, that’s been the item on the center of my day today. Since I woke up this morning, through a phone call w/some amazing brothers, through a great day of riding (half done at this point), and through a meeting with a community leader in Charlotte, I’ve been grappling with the concept and challenges towards doing MMM as it relates to confidence.

To soe people, I guess that would sound a bit normal, and to others a bit strange. But, when you are walking towards those dreams, you really do end up with these challenges to confidence. And nice days and certain people jogging doesn’t help the concentration factor any.

But you know, I’ve got an opportunity to empower a whole lot of people. And I’m excited and intimidated by it all at the same time.

God’s got something up his sleeve, and I’m dealing with confidence. Not really the same scale, but it’s what on my plate ya know.

To even be sitting here now, with a ton of strangers looking at me with a phone (N97), iPad, and a wireless keyboard on my lap, I know that I’m made for this moment. Just this moment though. Tomorrow will have to take care of itself somehow. For today, I’m in this moment, just trying to stay true to the Scripture that’s been in my thoughts all day – Hebrews 10:32-39.

To be considered for the finish line, you have to run when the gun is shot. Guess, I’m running. I better not stop now.