A Breath of Modernity

My bro told me that he found it strange that I went to purchase an iPad. He received a Palm Pre Plus in the same week and realized a lot of what I’d been saying to him for years. Life has this accelerated pace to it thats both exciting and numbing all at the same time.

The exciting part is that we have these really cool moments and tools at our disposal. Things like smart phones, access to political and religious leaders, and even news on the now. These are things that previous generations had only dreamt of.

And we have the struggles that are unique to this world as well. There’s the balance of when to turn off mobiles devices, how to address balance with work and personal interests, and the structures of work and how these are changing and staying the same. Indeed, these challenges are just different than anything else experienced before.

Now, we can sit tight around this. We can ignore things until they hit our doorstep. That is a legit and sometimes correct approach. We also have that responsibility to be more proactive. To not just have tools that connect, but build communities that are more empowered and not limited by yesterday’s concerns. We have a lot ti deal with, and the challenge to take this weight on and create something better.

As I type this on my iPad, I am reminded that when I’m done this post, and done my reading, this device will turn off and blend back into the environment until its needed. It will be up to me to do the same, to take hold of this modern context, blending where needed, and being used where others are empowered.

This is what it means to live today. To live in these modern times.