Starting to Get what IT/Enterprises Miss

Some weeks or months ago I wrote about the (near) death of the IT department – or, rather what can happen in the not too far off future where basic computing skils aren’t so basic. And today I read a piece painting the need for more mobile knowledge in enterprises; then it hit me…

IT folks don’t get this tech season and are afraid of irrelevance.

The tech landscape is indeed moving fast but when IT and business behaviors preach to be centered on one approach without regard to future implications then you end up with this unnecessary holding onto of models that just don’t work as well.

One of the challenges and pleasures that I have right this moment is that with a small stable of mobile phones and a tablet, I need to do enough with data and communications to make a living. This requires not only that I think differently, but that I approach life with a different perspective on control and progress.

The problems that I’ve seen and experienced with enterprises and out-dated IT models/behaviors can be addressed when perspectives change. No amount of adding layers will help this change, its inevitable. The type of casualities can change. It’s ther choice.