Day 1, CotM 224

It is day #1 for me and working MMM as my primary gig. And of all the days lately where I’ve had it easier to get up early, this was the hardest (and the rain didn’t help one bit).

I’ve got the makings of the daily schedule towards actions and stuff, and I’ll be able to see pretty quickly (wihtin a week) if it works as well as it should. The part that will be hardest is making up for the worktime that I’ve scheduled outside of the house. I had planned to be about a biker’s distance away for those sessions – and today there’s rain of the heavier kind. So that’s not happening as planned just yet.

The good thing is that virtual connections to still work. And this means that I can at least get the reading queue in, and then start planning the day’s writings.

First on the bat was this post about day one, and then to also link to the 224th Carnival of the Mobilists. As usual a nice selection of posts for the week, featured by a new host.

You know, its really hard to copy URLs with the built-in Nokia/Symbian browser – especially when going from one app to another. That’s something I’ve got to figure out how to explain so that I could recommend a change to that functionality.

But anyways, this is going to be part of my day. I can’t promise that every day that I’ll note what’s happening (some things are going to be kept to the vest, friends, or prayer). But, I can promise that I’ll be active for a number of sessions each day, looking to make connections with life and work around me, and then using mobile to talk/display these stories.

After all, if I’m going to rise to the challenge of living mobile, then I should at least have something around me in terms of life and structure that makes some kind of sense to check whether I’m doing well or not.

Welcome to the new adventure 😉