Thinking of the Next

I sit in one of my fav coffeeshops as I write this. I just picked up and read a piece about the iPad in Time Magazine (dated my birthday ironically). I’ve got the Harvard Business Review sitting in front of me, awaiting my eyes. And then there are my biking gloves, because at this time of the day I prefer 2 wheels instead of four.

And I’m thinking that I still want that tablet. That device that folds open like my N97 does to give a keyboard and more accessible screen. A device that’s able to sit in my pocket and make the web as engaging as the magazines in front of me. I still think that such a device should be normal in our hands/pockets, not dreamt of.

And I have a say in this again. I’m one day from MMM being put front and center. Being put in the .place where the content will craft experiences that make people want to stop, read, watch, ask questions, and do. Where people will be duitfully challenged to live the way they should, not just the way they dream.

I am reinvemting my life midstream again. Following the big dream, the main experience, and the motivaton to see God affirmed in it all. I am here, in this moment, enjoying a mandarian orange mocha…

…I’m living.

I’m sure that it was possible to do this before. But, this time right now calls for these and other thoughts. And where I travel from here, will be determined by God – and enjoyed all the way through.

I wonder of there will be a pocketable tablet, liked Nokia’s Morph Concept, to read this later. That’s an interesting thought.