It Was a Long and Travelled Weekend…

…ok, so I couldn’t come up with a better subject line. Mostly becasue I’m about as tiredin the head as one can get after a weekend + 2 days of driving about 1400 miles.

Yea, this Mother’s Day weekend was indeed pretty neat. And I’m glad that I was able to get up and spend time with mom. There’s something to be said for just enjoying the company of a family member, and this weekend I really had that – plus some refreshing moments in other places.

That being said, I didn’t read online as much as I usually would. For all the access that I can get when in Philly, being around mom’s place actually shows some limits to my mobile lifestyle. For exanmple, I get issues with cellular signals in the house all the time. And apparently, T-Mobile is the only one in the neighborhood that has the best of coverage (whoohoo Truphone).

Getting me hands on a cheesesteak (2), Wawa goodies, and Tastycakes are just hard to ignore as well.

But, like I had written while I was up there, it was a chance to rest and reset. I got a chance to get a mock MMM workday while also resting and praying on several matters. That kind of time, and the timing for it was vital. And I don’t know why completly, but I do know that it was time that’s just needed for me right now.

From this point, well, I’m in the bed typing this and getting some reading of RSS and other items in after a day of knowledge transfer and creation. This is the ending of one season and the embarking on another. It was a long and travelled weekend, and the conclusion of the matter has be growing in excitement for what’s to come.