Real and Altogether Different

I’ve got a few sensory events happening right now. Avatar is playing in front of me, and I’m trying to figure out how to easily get my mother a Bible application on her Samsung Omnia. I’m debating with the opportunity presented to speak, and the lack of funds around the event that might mark my new initial state with MMM, as well as the trust that will see me through other moments.

Here I’m making plans for a workday trial. Where its not yet the real thing, and I’ve got to be in that part that I will play. I am… a bit unsettled.

Weirdly, Avatar is angering me more than I’m enjoying it. There are emotions that are within the dialogue and cinematics that are touching on feelings that I don’t really share all too often.

Walking in a place where other’s haven’t, and being opened to a world where you are purely more a stranger than a native.

Sometimes, the stories that we are crafted for are slow to unravel. Othertimes, living towards all that you’ve been created to be just sort of happens.

I guess, in some respects I’ve been groomed for this for a long time. And yet, I’ve been in this all along.

And at this moment my family is in the same room, sharing a moment on a mobile ironically.

There is something all too real, and altogether different about this moment.