Carnival of the Mobilists #222

I’ve totally been slack on my postings in the mobile arena, and will be soon addressing that here and other places. Until I get on the ball though, it would make the most sense to link you with the 222nd Carnival of the Mobilists which went up on Monday. As usual, there’s a solid selection of opinions and analysis from several extremely knowledgable persons in and around mobile. So grab your tea/coffee, snuggle up to a good chair, and pull out your lappy, iPad, or mobile and check it out 🙂

Managing Two Mobiles

Last night I finally got on the ball and put my TruPhone Local Anywhere SIM in one of my mobiles (initially the N95, but now it sits in my Nokia X6). Its going to be interesting to live like this for a while as the TruPhone SIM card is essentially an international and prepay mobile account.

One of the first lessons from doing this that I see already is a reliance on understanding roaming and certain kinds of connectivity. You see, on my N97 (with an AT&T) SIM, I’ve go limited voice minutes, but unlimited messaging and data. This follows well with my usage of a mobile as a primary device, and given AT&T’s coverage throughout the areas I travel, it makes the most sense for me.

With the TruPhone SIM, I’ve got to be less reliant on the carrier (relationships) for messaging and data in copius amounts, but can do a bit more with voice since its less expensive to do so. This also means that I need to be more aware of the freely available WI-Fi hotspots that I might be around and then implement the feature in my device that takes the most advantage of them (its called Destinations and is a pretty neat feature).

The other lesson – which should probably turn into something of an idea – is the idea of have one bluetooth headset able to connect to two devices at the same time. It would be really beneficial for me with these two mobiles to have the headset be able to connect, and maintain a connection, to both devices. Between calls and music, this would come in handy as well.

After that, there’s going to be the matter of managing address books and calendars – I’m just using the built-in application Phone Switch to keep them syncs with each other, though Exchange, Google, and Ovi are options. And managing multimedia – to some degree an issue, but I use Ovi for the items that I’d like to share.

It does give me an additional option now though. And if I can manage the TruPhone account well, I might end up using more for those voice tasks than I use my AT&T account.

Yes, until recently I’ve really not had this issue in managing two mobiles. Its usually been multiple types of accounts (cellular, VoIP, email, and IM) on one mobile. This will be interesting to see how long I’m able to work and live like this. And how much it will endear me to travel beyond some non-existent boundaries 😉