Looking for A Tablet to Compliment

I woke up early for the second morning in a row. And for that second morning, I woke up thinking about MMM and some approaches to work and prayer that I need to take. Something that I’m a bit intent on though is seeing if I can get a tablet PC (think something similar to an iPad) which can work as a workstation.

A tablet as a workstation?
Yep. Pretty much all that I am looking for is a means to replace an old desktop that I have with a tablet computer that compliments my mobile phone. THing is, this tablet needs to be able to use the bluetooth wireless keyboard (am typing on it now), while also running an open source operating system.

Now, I’ve got something similar in my Nokia N800. But, the screen size of only 4in is not different to what I have on my smartphone (a Nokia N97).

The other thing is that the tablet needs to either being something like a Redfly and use my phone as the CPU; or, something that’s nearly totally web enabled, where I can use a combination of a private cloud (for example the Nokia Mobile Web Server) based from my phone, and several public clouds like the Googles and Amazons of the world for other items.

So far, I don’t see too much out there that hits on this aim. Either there”s the hardware that’s not here, or the software that’s not yet matured.

Problem for me is that this is something that I am in need of now so that I can get to working on things like migrating MMM content to WordPress and a few other items where a larger, consumption-based screen would do better.

And yes, I considered going for an iPad. There’s actually a possibility that it would be a purchase. BUt, I’m a sticky for not being tied to iTunes, and not needing another PC since I’ve got my mobile already. I’d like to not add another tool to manage, while extending my abilities to be productive.

Who knows, maybe something will hit my eyes really soon, and be just what I’m looking for. Then I’d have something of a new content stream for both here and MMM; which for a nice story point would be really good.