From One Adventure to Another

Well, today I did it. Today, I handed (electronically) in my resignation letter to NouvEON and will embark on the course of making (the newly redesigned) Mobile Ministry Magazine the primary avenue for those things that I do.

I’m not making this decisions lightly, having taken many months to consider the implications of this decision. And I sure as anything came very close to not even stepping away from NouvEON at all. Yet in the in, I had to follow the call of God (ministry) and the call of my heart (passion for people and mobile).

I know that things will be something close to hectic and thensome for a few weeks. I don’t even know if I’ll keep this site as a primary blog or not – but MMM does need to move so something techie will happen.

I’ll be reaching back out to people and looking to secure some more training and speaking engagements while also setting up a new posting schedule and getting MMM back on its regular course of being a magazine that enables people to engage the story and His-story of the Christian faith through a mobile lens.

There’s an adventure here. And there’s a lot of trust in God that goes before, during, and after this. Time to show what I’ve learned and enable a few folks. Welcome to the next adventure.

2 thoughts on “From One Adventure to Another

  1. Hope all good for your new path , have been really grateful for your passion for MWS and other subjects.
    Take care !

  2. Thank you so much for the comment; its indeed a new adventure throw some more passion into. And who knows, maybe I’ll find a way to make a comeback with the MWS 🙂

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