5 Years of Mobile Ministry Magazine

I just finsihed writing the post over there, but I wanted to also mark things here. Today marks 5 years of Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) being online.

5 years. 1700 posts. Lots of technical issues. Tons of new relationships.

Woah. I know that MMM is a good part of the reason that I’m still blogging. Its also the reason I’m as passionate about people and mobile tech as I’ve been.

Its amazing though. You never really think that you can do something that lasts until it happens. And even then, 5 years isn’t even a whisper in terms of human history. I’m just talking about a consumer tech thats 25ish years old as it intersects with a faith that’s 2000 years old.

If I am able to see MMM go another 5 years, will mobile even count as something seperate from the Internet?

As I write this on my mobile, will this technique of using a blog be something no longer done?

There is a lot of space between then and now, now and later. I wonder – but am also in amazement that its been 5 years.

Totally humbled.