Writing as Right

If there’s anything that I can say about things that have happened recently, its that its opened some more time to write. And I see this as a good thing. I see that part of the reason for the items I’ve come across has been because of writing, and in some resolutions of problems, I’ve been able to also see that through writing.

That’s all well and good personally – professionally, there’s a missing container of accountability when it comes to writing things do. I think its in part because people still see the need of things written to always have to occupy the mental model of a pen/ink and paper. I’m not as constrained to that mental model and therefore can find writing of any kind to be well received, and even productive, when its a matter of simply being put into a domain that has an author and a time-stamp.

Writing means also that time is capured through someone’s eyes and it may not be the time capture that you want, but it is the one that exists for that moment. If we could deny ourselves the right to have some opinion over someone elses view of time as being less important than our own, then I think writing becomes less a struggle of older mental models, and more a blessing of the communication that can and should happen.

Of course, we could all just re-learn to become proficient in speaking and writing and call it done no matter where we stand towards writing – but that too might be asking and presuming that others care as I do to write down those things that are important – with the ink being memory and the paper being our hearts.