Carnival of the Mobilists #219

Greetings and welcome to the 219th Carnival of the Mobilists. This week (specifically this Monday), I am celebrating my birthday and in a reverse of the normal, I’d like to share with you a gift – via the posts submitted for this week’s Carnival. And since I turn 31, I’ll talk about these in a three-then-one-best fashion.

Nan Hickman gives a humorous (or is it?) look at iPads in the Military. Mobyaffiliates gives some insight towards using Pay Per Click and AdMob for mobile advertising and quality of traffic analytics with it. Then VoIP Survivor strikes the NexusOne down a few notches with its piece 7 Things I Hate About the NexusOne (and Other Smartphones).

While Nan’s was the funnier, VoIP Survivor rang alongside several of my own leanings in this space and gets the nod in these first 3 posts.

Indigo 102 diagnoses the “i Syndrome” that’s unfortunately too common in what passes for mobile strategies these days. In the same diagnosing vein, Tomi Ahonen writes a v-e-r-y long post detailing why he thinks Apple’s iPhone marketshare has peaked. And then there’s WIP Connector with another iPhone-centric piece which points to the question of whether developers for iPhone applications will sit in a now fragmented iPhone world, or port their applications and services to other platforms which offer more freedom for developer skills and tools.

Of these three, my one would have to be the post from Indigo 102. Besides being shorter than Tomi’s and a little more descriptive than WIP Connector’s, it diagnoses the reality that mobile is indeed bigger than any one device or service (except probably SMS).

MSearchGroove checks into this week’s Carnival with an interview with Jon Mew talking on mobile engagement as a key driver for advertising with mobile. Ajit Jaokar posts at Open Gardens his 36 Trends and Directions in Mobile that he’s tracking. And lastly, my post at Mobile Ministry Magazine in which I recap my presentation at BibleTech – Mobile’s Christ-Led Encounters.

Of these three, Open Garden’s 36 Trends gets my nod as the best of this bunch.

That gives us three sets of posts with one best post each, and wraps up another week with the Carnival of the Mobilists. Next week, the Carnival will set up shop at VoIP Survivor. If you would like to gain a few extra visitors, make sure to submit your posts before Friday at midnight to ensure that you’d be included. There are also plenty of slots available for those who’d like to host.

As an additional note, if you are or if you know of a mobile developer – especially those who has things to say and needs their voice to be heard – be sure to read and engage in the discussion around the WAC Open Letter. This is a pretty powerful and ground-breaking opportunity for big and small developers alike.

I hope that you all enjoy the Carnival, and especially this one as my birthday gift to you all. Blessings to all.