The Body and (C)hurch

I’ve had the hunkering to write all day today. I know that I’ve had a ton of subjects in mind, but nothing is really clear at this point.

The Body and (C)hurch

For example, I wanted to write/postulate some on the back end of a conversation that I had with K. Purcell (and family). We talked some about the idea of (C)hurch. It was interesting that he had similar feelings to my own – being that he’s a pastor of a traditional congregation/denomination. As we concluded the night, it started to feel even more clear to me that I’m asking the right questions – even if there aren’t many answers yet.

Upon that subject (sorry, I’m talking about it again when I did say that I didn’t want to): I agree with many that there’s something about the institutional (c)hurch that needs to be let go. I can’t put my hand on all of the characteristics, but there are mounds to choose from: the veneration of Sunday, the approaches to engaging culture and politics, the understanding and dissemination of technology (computer or otherwise), the psychology/ministry of youth, teens, young adults, singles, and single parents, and so much more.

And yet, I’m not a member of a (c)hurch right now. Its not just a deliberate decision, but its one where I’m taking the effort to ask questions and really see where the Body is threading amongst itself. For example, one of the reasons for not being a member of a (c)hurch is because I’ve got a qualification that I’ve not heard any so far meet – what do you do to connect and build the Body with the other (c)hurches in the region? What is your effect to the neighborhood to which your physical church building resides? Its sad that so many don’t or can’t answer that question. And those that say that they don’t fellowship or connect with others in their local vicinity, I ask them simply, “so are you really the (C)hurch or a (c)hurch on your own?”

Yes, I know that pastors and organizations have “visions” that endear them to start out the way that they do. I just wonder whether we are doing things in the context of the Body being built-up (I know the answer some would have for that). For judgment’s sake (Matthew 7:1-4 in context), Mobile Ministry Magazine is designed as a (free) resource asking and building the discussion on how to grow in the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the use, application, and implications of mobile technology within the entirety of the Christian faith. That means that at the beginning and end of the day, the value of the content and connections has to always point back at the Body being built up so that the Head (Christ) can be glorified. Now, that’s this person’s intention. In my asking of the areas where I live and travel, I ask for the same kind of value proposition.

That being said, I don’t want to go off on my own. I don’t really care to (really, I could use more heads, hands, and hearts w/MMM for example). There’s a lot of growth and fun to be had when folks work together. And even more to be gained within individual identities when we do.

I’d also not want to be a part of losing the history that got us to this point. 100 years from now, we are going to be judged against the entire history of the Christian cannon (the books and practices we teach and left behind). Is our witness going to be enough to bolster those generations of believers? Or, are we going to be looked at as the model of what not to do/believe?

I wonder what we’re losing now in not asking these questions around the various movements that are happening – and if we really understand the wave that’s actually happening with our faith versus just seeing what’s happening inside a glass on the table of it (faith)?

And even more than wondering what we are losing, I wonder if people are knowledgeable enough about their own Body to care?