Man I Miss the Mobile Web Server

Something else that came out of last night’s conversation was the re-realization that I (still) really miss the mobile web server (MWS) and wish that it would have caught on with more (louder, more notable, bigger funded, etc.) people.

Yes, there’s no money for companies who aren’t innovative to let people own their own content and be their own publishing points by brokering the connectivity; and maybe that’s part of my issues as well.

The content management aspect of things that the Nokia Mobile Web Server had was also neat. Responding to SMS messages, adding appointments from a webpage right into my mobile with a copy/paste, and even the blog/image gallery was just simple and on point. If I could have figured out Python, and how to develop on my mobile, maybe some really neat things could have happened that would have kept it going.

Off to dream on something else. Can’t stay in the past too long… but I will learn from it and adjust accordingly.

2 thoughts on “Man I Miss the Mobile Web Server

  1. Hi Antoine,

    I don’t know how I ended up in this post, but I fully agree with you. I was working on a similar idea by the time the Nokia mobile web server was launched. I think the Nokia project was/is brilliant and people would really thank the approach of being in control of their data and allowing/declining websites to subscribe to this data.

    I hope we can see soon similar projects.


  2. Greetings Curro and thanks for visiting/commenting. I know that there were a few mobile web server products/services, but no one really pushed it. In view of a smarter smartphone, I think it would be great to see this come back.

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