Humble Pie and Slices of Faith

I’m still not sure that I know how best to write this, and at the same time, I think that its a good thing to pen a few notes on the day.

Today, I felt the weight of having to eat some humble pie. I had to hear and learn some hard realities about myself today, and while I’m not out of the woods yet, I am humbled by all that’s happened.

This still feels like a cruel joke, but I’m a least getting better because of it.

After eating a lot of that pie, I was presented with the opportunity to expound on something that I’m passionate about. And while it felt good to have something else to roll with during the day, by the end of that call with those folks from Taylor, I was again eating a few slices of humble pie.

Again, I’m walking in a place where I don’t know of anyone before me; and yet there are lesson all around.

From that event I was threaded to the realities of a friend who is going thru issues of her own. And my ear was enough to help her day along – yet it was her ear that I was most grateful for.

And to finish with a small demonstration of the Body. People who are part of this neat Body who enjoy life and love one another. I got to see a family living out things in a way that encouraged me to keep moving forward.

No, I don’t have the answers. I’ve walked as far as I can under my own power. At this point, all that I am and do has to come from Him.

I won’t speak for others. For me, today has been a lot of pie and many slices of faith. I hope that I do right after this moment. Apparently, I’m part of His-story as well.

2 thoughts on “Humble Pie and Slices of Faith

  1. I know how you feel AW. Mine was not Humble Pie bit Faith. I have always had and continue to have faith, but today it was put to the test. With this economy it will continue to be put to the test. The test will be “Where do my riches lie? With God or Mammon?” It is days like today and the days that are to come that will test and tempur our faith in His promise to “Never leave us or forsake us”. It is days like these that we prove our love to Him.

  2. Reading and rereading your comment grants me some perspective of grace all around. I hope you’ve gotten some grace today bro 🙂

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