Done My Part

Today is iPad Day – at least for the mindlessly affluent amongst us. Today marks another one of those events in computing history where yet another level of user and service will make us thing that we’ve gone further and better than generations before hand. And yep, everyone who participates will claim to have a part in this.

Its no different than those who were alive during Dr. King Jr.’s march on Washington, but could not be there, and only had the local newspaper through which to take part. Oh yea, you be believe that it was as real for them as it was for those persons walking, sweating, and gasping for a listen to one of the better collections of speakers and speeches in the modern area. For those people, they claim to have had a part in that moment, and they aren’t lying, albeit a bit stretching the semantics a bit.

Hence, I can make my run to the typed domain this AM/Noon. Where I don’t struggle for words, let alone for the work involved into putting them into some digital domain.

No, these bits and bytes won’t last forever. And it would only take a cataclysmic event to display that part. But these words will be remembered for a short time as bring a part of that noise of today.

Its really a shame that participating in life has been simplified to what I can type or snap. Maybe there will come the kind of paradigm shift that will turn us back into living, instead of being skillful participants.

But then again, we’d get there and still many will be loud and on the outside claiming that they too had a hand in this.