A rewrite of the About Me section from my last.fm account:

Patterned this life after Love’s best design
Every pen that wrote four by 79 lines defined
Until I came to this place to unwind
And catch new friends by a musical interlude
Intertwine one playlist and healthy doses of the Divine
Not letting the dullness of radio turn me sublime
I reach outside and inside to find
Sounds patterned after life before afterlife drowns this out
Pound each desk and foot like the drummer boy’s unibrow
Hairy sounds scale up your back until you realize the child
Is nothing like this B-side because it smells foul
The only classic temptation here is to wonder if Steve’s seen this aloud
I’d ask but instead I keep my head down
Powering into each beat until the fader dips into chow
And what you eat of this life is no more ego or proud
But roots of life in brotherly towels
Giving a queen a rest in the glorious miles
And leaving sounds after sounds patterned after Love’s only Child
In this design there is only one destiny
I hope you find the Child as you listen to this life’s playlist from me.