Basking in the Moment

Not exactly basking in life before BibleTech, I am motivated to write just a bit today.

I’ve spent some time thinking about how I use a mobile device, and am wondering what the next Symbian-powered devices (meaning Symbian^3) will be like. Sure, I know about things like a refined user interface and more attention to widgets/WRT, but I’d really like to know what will happen with it in terms of hardware design and how will the many ideas that have been talked about translate into things.

At the same time, I wonder about Maemo/MeeGo and whether I’ll take another trip back there. I almost jumped today when I saw this 5in device being offered. Thing was, it doesn’t use the Maemo/MeeGo operating system and platform, and so I’d have to figure out how to hack it onto that hardware. But man, a 5in screen – with a suitable headset – and I’d probably be really close to being set.

That is, if someone else doesn’t come out with something innovative. I’m really quite content with much of the hardware of my N97. Yes, it could use some more running memory, and the battery could stand up to being a full day wonder (I get just over a full work day some days).

I’d like to see the software advance a good bit. Things like the web browser really getting some attention (speed, JavaScript, etc.), better integration with web services all around, and then getting back my mobile web server.

Yea, that mobile web server. I’d like to not have to go through another service in order to have the gateway aspect. I’d like for the mobile device to be its own PC application. I’d like for it to be as easy to open the address book in a browser and send an event to someone as it is for me to come to WordPress and type this post.

Yea, I’m asking for a lot. Because I also want this device to last for more than my normal 9-12 month run. And I think that the N97 can – if Nokia wants it to.

Or, maybe I can just stop wanting new stuff and get back to being an off-the-wall mobile guy who uses his mobile not to show off anything, but improve the lives of people around me. Its that point which is central to my presentations later this week, and the one that I hope to most grow in from this point out.

Not exactly basking in the best of things at the moment; allergies and life tends to do that though. But maybe this week is the note that things change all over for the better. I hope so, for it feels like this moment is worth basking in.