Thoughts of a Pocket Watch Mobile

Between Nokia’s Design by Community and the way that I normally think about mobile and lifestyle interactions, you could probably say that I’m just not normal.

In the same regard, I’m also told that its weird that such a mobile techie will carry a pocket watch (battery and mechanical one), but I do because there’s something very simple and cool about a pocket watch that just isn’t as appealing with watches.

That’s probably why one of my wishes for a future mobile phone has to do with a pocket watch. I’d like the option of a pocket watch sized and styled mobile as my next mobile device. However, it would have to do a few things… differently:

  • The pocket watch/mobile would have to keep the “watch” portion and that aspect should remain mechanical
  • I should be able to use voice and gestures for all interactions
  • There should be a touch-sensitive rim to the device that would put it int a dial/typing mode for those events
  • It should be able to recoup some of its energy with kinetic recharging
  • And it needs one heck of a futuristic headset

Ah, yes, the headset. You see, I carry a Jawbone Prime these days. I like it, but it would be great if the headset worked with the pocket watch phone in this manner:

  • The headset would have an OLED screen capable of displaying caller, event, and power information.
  • It would automatically pair with the pocket watch mobile via Bluetooth and support voice-initiated functionality
  • It would have a proximity sensor so that when I remove it from my ear, it would automatically send a signal t the pocket watch to heighten the ringtone/vibration of new calls/event notifications
  • It would also charge kinetically (like the watches)

Thinking about it like this, it makes too much sense, and could probably sell well for a time. Of course, since I tend to do a lot with my mobile (its my PC ya know), I would have to replace it with some kind of tablet device (something larger than the N800 that I own, but smaller than the iPad that many want to own).

From a cost perspective, I could see the pocket watch/headset bundle costing around $600-$800 unsubsidized. Probably double if for the really good (read: classy looking) pocket watches. And I’d purchase it, how about you? could you see such a mobile being a type of device for you?