The Really Mobile Project’s Phone Contest

James Whatley and the crew at The Really Mobile Project have a great site and do the kinds of projects that in some respects I dream about doing (in other respects, those guys are slightly crazy, hehehe).

They’ve got a contest going on right now where you can win one of three Nokia mobiles – the the E55, E75, or N97. Very cool prizes, and you only need to do the following:

  1. You’re Really Mobile’s Dad. Explain to Really Mobile how it should behave when it’s a grown-up, possibly with reference to ‘currently grown-up’ mobile/tech sites.
  2. Pick the actors who will play the cast in “Really Mobile: The Movie” and justify your choices.
  3. Write a Haiku to/about The Really Mobile Project or something we’ve blogged.

So, if you are looking for a mobile, or just want to do something a bit on the side of fun, make sure that you enter.

I Keep Wanting… Thinking

A decade ago, my father passed and I received a Palm PDA. I used that Palm PDA to the nth degree in order to better do college. I did better, and then had an opportunity to take many of those skills into professional areas. And so, as I sit with 4 presentations to do in the next two weeks (!!!), I keep wanting to go back to that kind of fun.


Yea, fun. Check out this oft quoted (at least by me) video:

Really, isn’t that cool. The way that I think about not just the knowledge-based fields, but about tech in general as we apply it throughout all of society and culture.

See, I’ve got this Nokia N800 tablet, and it would be so appropriate to be using that tablet as a presentation device. One better, think of the iPad or a Kindle, and not just as a presentation device, but as one window towards sharing the kind of information and enablements that solve problems, not just create silos.

Silos… yea, I don’t care for those.

I talked with a pastor today and mentioned to him that its not that there aren’t enough churches in Charlotte, but that so many of them are siloed. Communities would be a lot better if people could see the Body as a Body and not just pieces. If you will, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And while he agreed, I’m not sure if he knows how to pull those elements around him together – or how to foster that attitude in the communities he is around (admittedly, I don’t know him very well, so you never know, he really could be doing this in spades).

And that’s where my thinking lies tonight. I sit with these presentations on deck and so much ability in the tech, tools, and people around me to do the kind of change that really creates life from where death now sits. When my aunt gave me the funds for that PDA at my father’s repass, she gave me the opportunity to create life not only for myself, but for so many other people with that little device. I’d like to think that its possible for me to do the same. I keep wanting that to be the case.