A Mobile Working Tempo

Since the Skype application has been made available (first beta, and now fully at v1.0), I’ve been taking some chances in how I go about working with my mobile. Mostly speaking, I’ve seen some possible changes.

For example, I’ve already reduced my monthly post-paid contract costs by going to the bottom-most minutes level. I’ve not changed the unlimited data and messaging however since those are my main needs.

Beyond that, I started with making all the “daytime” calls via Skype. Since I’m either in a 3G or free Wi-Fi area, this makes a lot of sense as I can simply put $10USD on my account, and then go from there. Last week was my first week doing this fully and I had about 2-3hrs of calls for under $2 used. Can’t say that’s a bad deal one bit.

This week, I’ve got to maintain the same kind of use since I’m near the end of the plan minutes. I’ve got about 6hrs worth of expected calls and only a few mintues to use them. If I can just stay on task with Skype, this will work out very well.

The other side of things is that I’ve been using my N95 here and there. With the Skype usage, my *2* batteries for my N97 have been getting quite a workout. And so I move to the N95 for those times when the N97 is just tired. Thing is, I’ve moved to using that as Skype mobile. Hopefully, I’ll realize some extra versatility with Skype use over it, and probably limited other use (but using my single SIM). I think this would be a good use of my funds and comm abilities.

So what is effectively happening, is that I am using the devices that I have to stretch the ability of the services that use. When it comes to most of these though, its all about maximizing my investment in the data usage. While this means that I’d use more data, what it will hopefully mean is that I’ll cut down on the (overpriced) voice side of things.

I would probably want to move from SMS to IM at some point, but right now, SMS is more efficient to the network/carrier, and IM just isn’t as open as SMS. That being said, I’m thinking. And that always causes some kind of disruption and learning.